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"Ksenia Nicole Savransky has a hole in the ♥ , and has too much pain too keep the screams away."

What the fuck is this? Bitch thinks she's Tupac or something?

A lack of library

My sister, "Do you have any books? I don't have anything to read."

This question brought me to the realization that my book collection is decidedly lacking, as most of the books I read are borrowed from the massive collection belonging Maia Gerlinger. I need to buy more books. I also need to be reading more. I read one and finished two half read books in Italy but I haven't read anything since; except for maybe one or two poems from the copy of "Rivers And Mountains" by John Ashbery that I just acquired while helping clear out the old apartment of my Dad's late friend and old boss from Warner Brothers. This feels like a huge waste to me. I don't know. Maybe it isn't. I've gotten a huge amount of recording and "rephotographing" done, although no video (except for that 9 minute hastily put together loopcentric thing for Susan), which also feels like a waste to me. I've also seen no movies (I think) and I need to see a lot more art than I do. There are much more important things to feel bad about than not absorbing enough culture; I should be looking up products made in China, and buying a solar powered charger for my chargeable electronics and other non-frivolous things. Everything I do in my life will probably be pretty frivolous. Oh well.
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I turn on the air conditioner and we will all be fresh

Things I have learned in Italy:

1. Nero was a faggot and did a bad job as emperor.

2. Always travel with people with disabilities.

3. Michelangelo sculpted the David from memory; he must have touched A LOT of men.

4. Rich Roman women were allowed to have affairs.

5. Adam Moskowitz does sound kind of like he has a British accent, although more like someone who does not speak English as their native tongue but was tought to speak it by a British person.

6. If you eat lunch in Italy, expect it to take up at least three times as much time as you initially think it will.